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The Soot Doctor


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The Soot Doctor

Founded by George Tracey, the Soot Doctor is a professional service you can trust. Seeing homes decimated by preventable fires (caused by poorly installed home heating appliances) spurred George to create the Soot Doctor. Trust in the professionals when it comes time to install your new wood stove, gas fire, bio-ethanol fire, or other home heating appliance.

Additionally, Flame Style by the Soot Doctor was created to compliment this expert service. Concentrating on supplying the highest quality home heating solutions (both indoor and outdoor). Whether you’re looking for wood burning stove, gas fire, multi-fuel stoves, bio-ethanol fires, or garden heating & cooking solutions. Flame Style is the brand you can trust, and with professional installation carried out by our expert team over at the Soot Doctor, you are in safe hands.


In-Brief – Who we Are

George is a qualified professional firefighter by trade, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. From fire safety, to building regulations, and chimney fire investigation (and much more). Chiefly specialising in both historic and new-build construction methods, the Soot Doctor are experts in everything chimney. From construction, to investigation, as well as relining & rebuilding etc.

Installing your new wood stove (or other home heating appliance installed) with the Soot Doctor ensures everything is done to the highest standard. Specifically certified by OFTEC to install, inspect, and service all stoves and flues, all of the work carried out by the Soot Doctor is guaranteed and fully insured.

This is our passion – we only use the highest quality materials, paired with the superb offerings from Flame Style. All work is finished to Building Regulations Document J.

You cannot put a price on your safety, or on your peace of mind – with the Soot Doctor, you know you and your loved ones are safe.



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