Artel Futura 11 Pellet Stove

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Artel Futura Ductable Pellet Stove | 7kW | Optional WiFi

Perfect for spaces up to 180m3

Futura, in the name and in the reality. The clean and linear design of this new range of stoves, completed by the presence of a double door, is made even more innovative by the superior ventilation and the absence of a real display. The stoves FUTURA, in fact, are programmed and managed by a touch radio remote-control, capable of interacting up to a distance of 60 meters. The possibility of installing Futura with a vertical smoke pipe, makes them versatile and suitable for even the smallest spaces, without sacrificing the large capacity of the pellet tank. Last, but not least, Futura, thanks to its characteristics, are environmentally friendly and comply with the Eco-design 2022 regulation.

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Artel Futura 11 Features

  • New body

  • New palming: replaying the display on board machine

  • Design minimal

  • Double aesthetic door

  • Upper smoke outlet

  • 95% efficiency

  • Silent

Additional information


Black, white, Wine



kW Output


Dimensions (W-H-D)

470x940x490 mm

Hourly consumption

0,8 – 2,65 kg/h

Feed box total capacity

16 kg

Flue diameter


Efficiency (%)


Net weight

110 kg