Chantico Glassfire

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Chantico Glassfire is a round portable tabletop fireplace which can function as a decorative element anywhere you wish inside or outside your home. High quality construction is ensured by its black stainless steel base and removable glass cylinder. With this tabletop fireplace you can enjoy a real fire for up to 3.5 hours. Decorative stones, matches and special tool to put the fire down are included in the tabletop fireplace set. Please note that bioethanol fuel is not included.

The Planika Chantico Glassfire is an indoor & outdoor tabletop ethanol fire.

The Chantico from Planika comes with decorative stones so you can create your own unique composition, as well as an aroma diffuser which can be placed over the side of the glass cylinder.

  • Home and garden gift idea
  • Durable, stainless, resistant to weather conditions.
  • Burner filled with absorbent ceramic fiber
  • Dimensions (diameter x height) 25.1 x 36.1 cm

Please note: decorative stones are a natural material. Quantity and size may vary (as a minimum you will receive 5 stones). As the glass is handmade and blown, there may be some small imperfections but this does not affect the use or quality of the product.


    • 251 x 361 mm
    • 2.0kg / 4.4 lbs
    • Burning time approximately 3.5 hours
    • Ethanol consumption
    • approximately 0.43 L / hour
    • Heat output: 2.5kW

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How much heat does Chantico provide?

Chantico has a heat output of 2.5 kW. It is not a heater but great to have as a decorative outdoor piece that you can warm your hands over. If kept indoors in a small room, it does provide a good amount of heat.

Can I use Chantico indoors?

Yes, Chantico is safe to use indoors.

How many decorative stones will I receive with my Chantico?

As a minimum, you will receive 5 stones. However, shapes and sizes may vary as they are of a natural material.

Can I leave Chantico out in the rain?

No, you must keep your fire out of the rain as water can get through the ceramic fibres and damage the fire.

How long does it take for Chantico to be delivered?

It usually takes 2-3 working days from the day after you order.

Does Chantico come with a lighter?

No it does not – however you can use any normal lighter, matches or alternatively purchase Planika stick lighter!

Can I buy my own decorative stones to put on Chantico?

Yes, you can get them from any garden centre. Please make sure when placing them that they do not touch the glass as the heat transfer will crack the glass.

Can I place Chantico on a glass or wooden table?

Yes, the fire does not get hot underneath and sits on magnetic cork feet. Thus it is safe to place on glass or wood and even plastic.