Clear 130 Top Glass Fronted Gas Fire


The Clear Top has a front and the top in glass

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The Clear Top has a front and the top in glass

Standard features:

  • Clear Glass for a clear view of the fire
  • Frameless for a fuller view of the fire
  • Front and Top Glass
  • Remote Control – controls ignition, a timer and a thermostat.
  • Battery powered control box – operates during a power cut.
  • Decorative bed for fireplace – your choice of large or small logs, large or small pebbles
  • Balanced flue fireplace – A balanced flue gas fire is room-sealed using a glass front. The flue uses natural ventilation to pull the air from outside and discharge the gas exhaust to outside.

Optional features:

  • Reflecting Interior – to create a more visually pleasing fire.
  • Double Glazing – to keep the outer glass cooler, perfect for public areas.
  • Dual Line Burner – The dual line burner features two lines which can be controlled separately, ensuring the best visual effect and fuel economy. With both lines working the room heats up quickly, then turn down to a single line to keep the visual effect of the fire and use less gas.
  • Natural Gas or LPG
  • Mains electrical connection for the control box – no batteries.

Further Information:


  • Heat Output, Natural Gas, Single Line:- 6.8kW ( Heat Input 8.9kW )
  • Heat Output, Natural Gas, Dual Line:- 7.27kW ( Heat Input 9.52kW )
  • Efficiency, Natural Gas:- 75.9%
  • Heat Output, LPG, Single Line:- 5.2kW ( Heat Input 7.5kW )
  • Heat Output, LPG, Dual Line:- 6.5kW ( Heat Input 9.37kW )
  • Efficiency, LPG:- 72.1%
  • Connection – 15mm ( compression fitting supplied )