e-MatriX Mood Series Electric Fire

From 5,299.00

The frameless design, fascinating flames, the broad and lifelike wooden decoration and the embers (option) of the electric e-MatriX Mood all combine to give a superbly rich and full looking fire that is permanently fascinating. A future-proof alternative for an authentic fireplace, with pioneering features: truly three-dimensional flames, safe, low-energy, without gas, emissions or a chimney. The atmosphere is infinitely adjustable thanks to the Faber app or the remote control. And so the e-MatriX Mood can be used and is allowed almost anywhere. Conscious and responsible enjoyment!

  • A beautiful Faber fire to your personal taste and interior design requirements.
  • Thanks to the e-MatriX Burner you can enjoy a playful, three-dimensional fire image that moves upwards from the glowing ash bed between the logs.
  • You only need an ultra-thin, flexible water pipe and a regular socket for the connection.
  • The fire can be built in with the glass flush against the surround.

Virtually indistinguishable from a real fire. Authentic flames and smoke – just no fire or smoke.

Mood lighting – mood – moody atmosphere for every moment

Faber’s optional mood lighting brings the flame image of the e-MatriX to a previously unsurpassed level. The newly developed LED light optics of this option create dynamic lighting both under the bed of embers and in the upper area of ​​the fireplace interior. The intensity and dynamics of the light, but also the colors, are largely adjustable. This option creates a much warmer and more natural radiance of the flame pattern and the bed of embers and a sensational fire experience, even without ‘flames’. All options are available via the Faber app
simply set it up yourself, to match the atmosphere, your mood or your style. Or decide on one of the pre-programmed settings. An addition that enhances the appearance of your fireplace immensely and that you should not miss out on! Available on all Mood and Linear fireplaces.

The frameless design, the fascinating flame pattern, the wide, lifelike wood decor and the bed of embers (option) of the electric e-MatriX Mood together create a particularly powerful and lush open fire. A future-proof alternative for an authentic log fire, with groundbreaking features:

Truly three dimensional flames, completely safe and energy efficient application with no gas, emissions or chimney. The atmosphere can be adjusted as desired with the Faber app or the remote control. This means that the e-MatriX Mood can be used and allowed practically anywhere.
Enjoy consciously and responsibly!

Real flames: experience the third dimension!
The Opti-myst fire puts an end to the “flat” fire effect of conventional electric fireplaces. Faber has developed a 3-dimensional fire with a smoke effect. Never before has electric fire burned so realistically. You can watch the flames from all sides. Experience electric fireplaces in the third dimension.

Only electricity and water are required
The fire pattern of the e-MatriX is a further development of the patented Opti-myst ® system. Only electricity and water are required for this; (LED) lighting and water misters produce “flames” that are indistinguishable from real fire. The ultra-fine water mist also ensures a balanced moisture balance in your home.
The energy consumption is extremely low. This makes the e-MatriX “burner” environmentally and user-friendly, and because it doesn’t generate heat, it’s also completely safe. It is advisable to replace the nebulizers (transducers) at least once a year, depending on use.

NOTE: All e-Matrix Series models require connection to a water supply for water supply. Alternatively, there is a pump system from the manufacturer. Please select from the options if required.

Flexible and safe
Electric fireplaces can be placed anywhere you want, plug in and away you go. They are eco-friendly, easy to use and safe for children. An ultra-thin, flexible water pipe is required.

Options (extra charge):

  • Anti-reflective glass
  • Black glass back panel
  • Ambient lighting above
  • Ambient lighting below
  • wall mount
  • Accessory pump

See brochure for all product variations