e-MatriX Series Electric Fire

From 5,299.00

The e-MatriX series offers the best of Faber, focused on the future. You don’t have a gas connection in your house and you don’t want a gas or a wood fire? With an e-MatriX fire you can enjoy the unique Faber flame effect. Our unique three-dimensional technology creates an utterly realistic flame effect and you can lose yourself in Faber’s flames, even with an electric fire.


  • Ultra Realistic Opti Myst  3 Dimensional Flame effect
  • Crackling burning Log sound effects
  • Red Led Glowing logs (Can be use with out Myst effect)
  • Plumb in directly to water mains no need to refill tanks
  • 2kw Heat output with Themostatic room control and 7 Day preset timer
  • Large convincing hand painted wood logs
  • Coal embers
  • Flame intensity setting (Control the speed of the Myst)
  • 5mm Powder coated finishing frame
The freely swirling ‘flames’ are formed from water mist and LED lights. Can be built in almost anywhere, even where a gas fire or wood fire is impossible or undesirable, because there is no need for gas or a chimney. Using the free app, you can personalise the glow above and below the flames, and adjust the secondary electric heating. Using the Faber MatriX line, you can create the fire of your dreams that matches your needs. This makes the e-MatriX stylish, sustainable and a smart choice.


The energy consumption of an electric fire is minimal and emissions are nil. The building regulations for using a gas or log fire do not apply.

A pleasant and healthy climate

The water mist that is produced contributes to healthy humidity in your home. If you would like a pleasant, warm glow, choose a heating unit.

Suited to your needs

The e-MatriX series is modular in composition, so you can choose the dimensions, decorations, finish and more. It ensures that the fire is perfect for your home.

  • A beautiful Faber fire to your personal taste and interior design requirements.
  • With lively, three-dimensional flames and personally adjustable glow above and below the flames. Includes secondary heating feature (max. 2 kW)
  • Works using a standard electric socket and flexible water pipeline or reservoir with pump (optional).
  • The fire can be built in with the glass flush against the surround.

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