RAIS Caro 90 5kw Wood Burning Stove


This beautiful and functional stove has an elegant, rounded front, oblique sides and does not take a lot of space. Caro has a large glass door, and the fire looks stunning through the large window. Caro is ideal for your home, holiday house or cabin. You can adapt the stove to your home and your style ‚ choose for yourself the colour, side glass, handle and much more.

Caro Colours 1024x1024 Caro Sizes 600x600

Caro Side Glass 600x600 Caro Side Glass 600x600

Combustion chamber inner dimensions (W-D-H) in mm 352 ‚ 292 – 446

Flue outlet (diameter) 150 mm

Rated output 5kw

Efficiency 80%

Weight 125kg