RAIS Caro Soapstone 5kw Wood Burning Stove


Caro SST has a classic and pure design. The large amount of soapstone stores heat and ensures an even, comfortable room temperature for many hours. The large, curved glass door ensures that you get even more enjoyment from the fire no matter where you are in the room. You can adapt the stove to your home and your style ‚ choose for yourself the colour, side glass, handle and much more.

Steel Door or Glass Door

With wood compartment store or Without

3 Different Colours: Black, Mocha and Platinum.

6 different Handles; White Corian, Brown Leather, Black Leather, Oak, Stainless Steel ( Round ) and Classic Stainless Steel ( Long )

Combustion chamber inner dimensions (W-D-H) in mm 352 ‚ 292 – 446

Flue outlet (diameter) 150 mm

Rated output 5kw

Efficiency 80%

Weight 161kg