RB73 Quercus Outdoor Stove & Pizza Oven

From 2,950.00

Cook beautiful pizzas with the Quercus pizza oven made by RB73 Reny in your outdoor space all year round. This Cor-Ten steel outdoor log burner cooks pizzas to perfection with its closed combustion compartments that allows for a raw fire to cook your pizza.

  • Upto 250 degrees for perfect pizzas
  • Large cooking chamber for other food too
  • Lined pizza cooking oven
  • Thermometer for controlled cooking
  • Beautiful panoramic contemporary design
  • Adjustable heat with valve flue system

Take full advantage of the flames with its panoramic glass view of the flames and control your heating levels for optimum pizza cooking with its built in thermometer.

This stunning outdoor pizza oven is like no other, it’s an outdoor wood burning stove that cooks pizzas flawlessly. It will create an inviting hub for your home to be enjoyed with friends and family all year round. This robust wood burning stove is specifically designed for optimum pizza cooking, producing perfect pizzas everytime. This is due to its dedicated back lined fireproof concrete and pizza oven stone which comes as standard.

The oven and heating chamber is a closed glass fireplace with an extended flue system to draw all of the smoke a debris up and away from the area, so you don’t smell like a bonfire after long use. The Quercus is a robust and durable pizza oven that doesn’t require a cover or to be put away after every season. It can be left outside in your garden, patio or terrace to be enjoyed whenever.

Not only will the Quercus produce beautiful pizzas, it looks amazing to. It has a sleek and contemporary design that will become part sculpture and pizza oven within your garden. It has a unique design that is built to last including clever heat shields vents on the sides. Furthermore, side panels with hooks on the stove body are a great extra for hanging any items on for easy access and placement.

The RB73 produces a beautiful camp fire flame effect that can be seen from all angles with its four glass sided panoramic view. The flames can be adjusted via the valve within the extended flue system. The log burner can be heated upto 250 degrees and cooks evenly throughout a dish or pizza for amazing results.

Featuring thick 6mm Cor ten steel, the rb73 Quercus gradually creates a beautiful rust finish that is very versatile and will protect itself from any weather. Cor-ten steel naturally oxidises over months to create a natural protective layer from its environment.

Available with a steel base plate to protect your floor from any mess and frame the pizza oven beautifully. This outdoor pizza oven could potentially be built into an outdoor kitchen or area if it conforms to distance to combustible regulations. Alternatively, the Quercus oven can be used to cook other other dishes as it has a large cooking chamber.

Weight70 kg
Energy Efficiency ClassA
Heat Output2kW – 5kW
DEFRA ApprovedYes
Eco Design ReadyYes
Fuel TypeWood
Flue Diameter127mm (5″)
Flue ExitTop Exit
MaterialCOR-TEN® Steel
Sides4 Sided
Warranty2 Years