Vulx FUSION Grill Table


Let us introduce you to the most social barbeque we know – the Vulx Fusion. It’s quite simply a new way to entertain while cooking outdoors. So if you are tired of schlepping to your old BBQ and having to turn your back on the guests, this is an altogether more sociably agreeable arrangement.

It’s a perfect way to entertain over an outdoor grill, and especially if you have limited space when combining cooking and eating at the same place is an attractive option.

The Vulx seats 6/8 comfortably and can switch between gas-burning and wood-burning modes in minutes – very simply and without the need for tools. So which do you prefer, either the cosy ambience of cooking with wood or the swiftness and control of cooking on gas? With the Vulx Fusion you’ll get both.

Available in the range: Fire Pit, Standard Table and Bar Top Table

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The Fusion Standard –  Plancha and Grill table is brilliantly designed to combine seating and cooking within a single unit. A ‘must have’ item for your garden terrace /patio.

The base of the unit is crafted from either CORTEN (rusty) STEEL, or mild steel with a BLACK epoxy paint finish. You do have the option of having a special custom colour finish, choose from any of the RAL standard shade references. The base is fitted with heavy duty castors, to allow ease of movement around the terrace.

The Fusion Standard Table top, outer surface area is manufactured from a ‘grey stone’ effect HPL surface and is resistant to water, UV rays and shockproof. We have the option of a Square top (special order) which is 130cm x 130cm that enables multiple tables to be positioned side by side, to give a larger seating/dining area if required.

Between the table surface and the fire zone is a wide, 6mm thick, cook grade stainless steel ‘plancha’ surface for cooking and warming food.

In the center of the table top, is a large 72 cm diameter fire zone which can be fuelled by a GAS or WOOD / CHARCOAL heating system. The heat from the flames heats the plancha, with hotter surface temperature closer to the fire.

When not using the fire zone, there is a central cover tray (optional extra) made from the HPL material. Simply place over the fire zone when cold, and convert the entire top surface to a practical table top.

Fuel options

GAS – comes with a butane/propane burner, which is fitted into the table top and is then connected to a standard leisure gas cylinder housed within the base unit. (Regulator, hose and cylinder not supplied).

Precise temperature control, and convenient operation as standard. In this format, the grill table comes with an additional 6mm stainless steel, food grade cook top surface which sits over the top of the ‘fire zone’. There is also a ‘drip/grease collector’ which is easily removed for cleaning/emptying.

If the appliance is to be used indoors, you MUST order the optional ‘Thermocouple’.

WOOD / CHARCOAL – comes with steel combustion dish in which you light the fire. The heat will spread into the perimeter cookplate / plancha. When the fire pit is cold, the ash is easily lifted out with the handles integral to the dish for cleaning/emptying. If you wish to cook directly over the flames, order the optional HIGH GRILL

Can’t decide which cooking method is best for you? Each system can be ordered separately, and is easily exchanged taking only a few minutes to swap over.


  • Choice of fuel type; Gas OR Charcoal / Wood (Same system)
  • Height 80cm, diameter 130cm
  • Grey stone effect HPL table surface
  • 72 cm diameter cooking zone, comes with HPL cover tray included as standard.
  • Standard finish is CORTEN (rusty) STEEL, also available in BLACK paint, or special order in any RAL shade.

Available Accessories

  • High grill (Cooking directly over the fire zone, not compatible with the GAS burner)
  • Central cover tray
  • Decorative Bio-ethanol burner
  • Champagne bucket
  • Snuffer Lid
  • Thermocouple (Mandatory for GAS indoors)
  • Full weather cover, Double zip.
  • Waterproof/weatherproof top cover
  • Square top table 130cm x 130cm
  • Square top table Waterproof/weatherproof covering
  • Full weather cover, Double zip Square.