Vulx MAGMA Grill Table


The Magma Circular Grill Table certainly delivers everything you could need for fun and interesting dining. The 100cm diameter table top, sits 110cm tall so this is a perfect height to pull up a stool, sit and chat, even sip a cocktail whilst the food is preparing directly in front of you.

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Our MAGMA brazier table is a 4-in-1 design table, a brazier, a trendy plancha and a grill. The MAGMA barbecue table is 1.10 m high, also known as a bar table or bar height. It can accommodate up to 4 guests for traditional meals as well as for aperitif dinners.

The base of the unit is crafted from either CORTEN (rusty) steel, or mild steel with a BLACK epoxy paint finish. You do have the option of having a special custom colour finish, choose from any of the RAL standard shade references. It is possible to store wood/charcoal inside the base, or house the gas cylinder.

The Magma Circular Grill Table top surface area is manufactured from a ‘grey stone’ effect HPL surface and is resistant to water, UV rays and shockproof. As a special order option, we can also provide square table tops, measuring either 100cm x 100cm, or 110cm x 110cm. These can be positioned side by side, to give a larger seating/dining area if required.

In the center of the table top, is a useful 45 cm diameter cooking zone which can be fuelled by either Gas or Wood/charcoal when cooking. When not in use, the cooking area can be topped with the compact central tray (optional extra) to use as a full table. We can even supply a specially crafted ‘Champagne Bucket’ option, which can fit into the aperture as another option to maximise the use of your table.

Fuel options

GAS – comes with a butane/propane burner, located inside the table top which can be connected to a standard leisure gas cylinder housed within the base unit. (Regulator, hose and cylinder not supplied). Offers precise temperature control, and convenient operation as standard. In this format, the grill table comes with a stainless steel, food grade stainless steel cook top surface. There is also a ‘drip/grease collector’ which is easily removed for cleaning/emptying.

WOOD/Charcoal – Alternatively the Magma Circular Grill Table can be supplied with a Charcoal/wood fuel option, this comes with steel combustion dish and cast iron grill top, to enable traditional BBQ and grill cooking over the open flames or hot coals. When the fireplace is cold, the ash is easily lifted out with the handles integral to the dish for cleaning/emptying.

Can’t decide which cooking method is best for you? Each system can be ordered separately, and is easily exchanged taking only a few minutes to swap over. You can order both with your grill table, to cover every situation.


  • Choice of fuel type; GAS or CHARCOAL/WOOD.
  • Height 110cm, diameter 100cm
  • Grey stone effect HPL table surface
  • 45cm diameter cooking zone.
  • Standard finish is CORTEN (rusty) STEEL, also available in BLACK paint, or special order in any RAL shade.

Available Accessories

    • HPL Compact central tray
    • Champagne bucket
    • Waterproof/weatherproof covering


Discover the Vulx MAGMA barbecue table to revolutionize your outdoor meals and ask for a quote now.

Charcoal modeCharcoal bol with cooking grid and handle
Gas burner modeGas burger under the food grade stainless steel cooktop
Tray waterproof protecting coverNOT INCLUDED – OPTIONAL – Protect food grade and tray. UV resist
Compact central trayNOT INCLUDED – OPTIONAL – Attaches on the top of the cooktop Transform your Vulx Magma in traditional table
Champagne bucket kitNOT INCLUDED – OPTIONAL – With support
Square trayPlateau carré à la place du circulaire, en compact HPL, d’1m par côté
Various colours OR Corten steel for rust effectEpoxy paint. Heat and streak resistant. Shiny, mat, lisse, sandblasted,… OR Corten steel for rust effect